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Safeword: Matte - In Training - Candace Blevins

After reading the Safeword: Matte I thought I knew what to expect but this book was so much more. I really got to watch the characters blossom and grow not only on their own but as a couple as well. I thought that the continuation of the story brought the reader more into the relation and let someone who isn’t quite vanilla understand the fetish a lot more.

The heat factor for this one is turned up a notch or two and made me need an ice tea to go with my fanning. The author made me see that while their fetish is strong it brings them closer and that the element of trust that is required in this kind of relationship is exceptional. I was wrapped inside a word inferno and look forward to getting to know more with the next books in this series.

Again I would recommend this series to those that are okay with extreme fetish that isn’t drowning in hearts and flowers but has a different kind of love and respect. I loved this series and how it opened my eyes to a different kind of love.

Safeword Matte - Candace Blevins

In this installation of Sam and Ethan’s story I learned a lot about them and could see why they had the fetishes that they had. I loved the fact that Sam just didn’t fall at his feet and wanted him to earn her even though she is the submissive in the story. Sam is a lawyer and boy you can tell she feels more comfortable with everything in writing. That is probably my only complaint about the story that everything seemed so clinical or legalized. I can understand though why they have it that way, there is no room for misunderstandings when it comes to sadistic fetishes.
Ethan was a tough character to get to know but I think the author was trying to avoid info dumping which was greatly appreciated. I loved the way he wanted so badly not only to be her Dom but to be her protector, even if she was resistant to have him care for her in that matter. It showed me that he was there for much more than play. It made it a lot easier for me to connect with him as if he were a real person and not just a book boyfriend.
Over the heat in this story was not something I have ever thought about doing I felt the fire and was at times fanning myself. The author truly has a way with creating an environment and allowing the reader to experience the scene as the characters do. It is also marked as excessive and it is truly meant for people who have a love for a bit of extreme playtime. I would recommend this to people who are out for more than a mushy love story, because while the love story is there it isn’t gooey and filled with unneeded overdramatic sentiment.